When Olivia Mullin began volunteering as a mentor to women in a state prison, she had no idea that her experience would lead to the establishment of what would later become Healing Housing. For months, Olivia worked with Stacy, a young mother with a history of sexual abuse, abandonment, and homelessness. Olivia learned that Stacy had found herself addicted to drugs and alcohol and had received a prison sentence for multiple drug-related convictions. Olivia worried what would become of Stacy after she left prison. Stacy was seeking a fresh start free from alcohol and drugs, but she had no safe place to go. Without a secure, nurturing environment, Stacy would end up back on the streets.

In March 2015, Olivia met with a group of Christian women who were also dedicated to offering a unique "next step" for women in recovery. This group realized Nashville was experiencing a crisis: there were not enough beds for low-income women coming out of drug treatment programs. Their primary goal was to show the love of God and provide a safe and structured environment where women in recovery could continue to grow and heal.